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Hi! I'm Ranger Rom

You might think I'm just an ordinary old tortoise that talks ☺ - right? Wrong! I'm actually a geometric tortoise - one of the rarest tortoises in the world.There's only about 200 of us left on the planet!

  • Because of our beautiful markings, we've been kidnapped and sold in the past, in huge numbers, as pets.
  • The destruction of our habitat means we're now restricted to couple of tiny areas in south-western South Africa.

Purrr... I'm Lisha Leopard

I'm the top girl in our gang, and also the sleeeekest, the best at hiding and the fastest! Actually you wouldn't believe it, but that lumbering Rhino Reth has been known to beat me ... but only sometimes - grrr! And of course I'm the only one who can climb trees ☺. (Except, perhaps, that human, Romiko ... )

Snort! I'm Rhino Reth

Reth means ‘king' in African- that's me! Humph! But you might be amazed to discover that although I look tough, my skin is actually very sensitive to sunburn and pesky insect bites. That's why I like to protect myself by wallowing in the mud! Plus I really need help to escape those horrible poachers who want to kill me for my beautiful horn. Rhino horns are sold to make a traditional ‘medicine' ☹ that's just silly and doesn't work!

Hey! I'm Romiko

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I have spent 9 months in the African bush and achieved my qualification as a certified field guide with FGASA! I'm really passionate about raising awareness of the plight of our threatened wildlife species and their habitat.

I thought it would be fun to create a fantastic children's book, quiz mobile games for children (and adults!), so that we can all learn more about our precious wildlife. And every time you buy a game or book, you'll be helping, because I'll donate 10% of the profits to rhino conservation.

And there are more fun friends. Kimba Kanga, Lencho the Lion and many more also want to say hi! You'll meet them soon!

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