The Lesser Sooty Owl

06 Mar 2015

Ranger Rom Hi Guys!

Owls having amazing hearing. Their ears are not symmetrical like us humans. One is slightly higher than the other. The asymmetry in the ears helps them accurately locate a potential prey, like a bandicoot scuffling in the undergrowth of autumn leaves.

They are strictly nocturnal, and hide during the day in dense bushes or under the aerial roots of trees. A good place to spot a Silver Owl is to wait until it is dark alongside a road, as they prefer to hunt in open areas and roads.

Their main habitat is rain forest areas in the northern parts of Queensland, Australia. They enjoy nesting in the hollows of very tall trees. There habitat is found between Princess Charlotte Bay to around Ingham in north Queensland.

Since they live in rain forests, they will breed at any time of the year, but April is usually their preferred time to make cute little fledglings. The fledglings are indistinguishable from the adults.

Owls are beautiful birds and help keep our rodent populations under control. So the next time you see or hear an owl, be sure to give them a “hooting” welcome :)

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