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Download Ranger Rom saves Rhino Reth colouring pack.

Test yourself and help threatened wildlife

So, you think you know your birds and animals? Ranger Rom's cool games for girls, boys, teenagers and adults will soon test you out. Set your own level of difficulty and you're away on your wildlife adventure. The hard level will challenge the most seasoned ornithologist and zoologist!

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  • Time machine
  • Adventures
  • New places
  • African sunset
  • Cute finch
  • crazy chase

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With cool Ranger Rom quizzes you can play on your own, or outsmart your friends! Simply guess the names of the animals, birds or even step back in time and visit the dinosaurs! And you can pick your own level of difficulty:

Ranger Rom means fun and learning for everyone! Are you up for it?

There is no end

Hey Guys - Ranger Rom is passionate about helping his endangered bird and animal friends! He'll be creating new adventure games, books and even toys as he travels around the world to amazing places. So stay tuned and follow our blog or sign up to our newsletter.

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