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Get Ranger Rom's wildlife adventure picture book!

Hey guys - I'm Ranger Rom! I'd love you to join me on my wild and wonderful safari adventure story, finding out about all sorts of exciting animals.

Spend quality time with your child whilst being immersed into the wonderful wildlife world of Ranger Rom. Get Ranger Rom saves Rhino Reth childrens' picture book today.

Have fun and help endangered wildlife

Why not test your wildlife knowledge by trying one of my free games? Plus, when you actually buy one of my games, you'll not only have heaps of fun. You'll be helping to protect threatened birds and animals, because I'll donate 10% of the profits from every game to towards rhino conservation.

So help save Rhino Reth, Lisha Leopard and their friends while finding out just how much you really do know about our fantastic wildlife.

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Learn about wildlife and test your knowledge

These are the first games in the Ranger Rom series. For more games click me. Plus there'll be more types of games in the future, and also more cool books, so keep your eyes open!

  • Spotted Hyaena
  • Rhinoceros
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Crested Pigeon
  • Great Panda
  • Black vulture

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